Watch Restoration


We know that many of our customers share our passion for luxury watches. Many of us have antique timepieces that have nostalgic value, are very unique in appearance, have sentimental value and serve as potential future investment.

I recognize that every year the importance of these timepieces continues to grow. I know personally that keeping these vintage pieces in pristine condition is necessary for continued longevity.
It has always been my goal to provide the highest-quality of repair and restoration work.

My customers know that I take great pride in doing all that I can to return the watch to the best possible condition.

I’ve been told by many customers over the years, that we have been able to repair and restore their watches where others were unsuccessful.

Some examples include complex vintage Rolex restoration, Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet,
Cartier, and many more.

Here is an example of before and after Patek Philippe

Restoration Methodology


We offer many restoration services including complete watch disassembly, replacement of broken movement, parts, mainspring, stem, crown, jewels, crystal, hands, dial, mechanism replacement.

In order to restore any watch the movement must be completely disassembled. Proper cleaning of all the parts should be performed. Many areas of the watch will need to be individually removed, cleaned and manually lubricated.

All parts are examined under high magnification for wear and tear. Any replacement parts are carefully examined and authenticated. After careful inspection and testing the watch is put back together and water sealed. If needed the band is polished and other aesthetic services are provided. We monitor and test the watch over the next 48 – 72 hours to make sure it is properly working.