Watch Repair


At Peter’s Watch Repair, we use nothing but the best equipment when it comes to repairing watches. Many of the repairs performed in our shop are done on valuable watches.

With that in mind, we have made a commitment three decades ago, to spare no expense when it comes to spending money on our watch repair tools.
These tools help us restore and fix valuable watches to their original working condition. By using high quality equipment, we feel that we can provide the best watch repair services to our clients. In addition, we utilize these tools to test the condition of the watch and validate that our repairs have been accurately completed.

Combining our level of expertise with high quality watch repair equipment, rest assured that you’ve come to the right place for all your watch repair needs. Some examples of our watch repair equipment

Witschi Quartz Analyzer

● Provides mechanical prognosis on condition of the watch and its quartz mechanism electronic parts. (Cartier Tank France shown in the picture)

● Instrument provides all electrical measurements required in a professional search for quartz mechanism defects

Elma Watch Master Quartz

Mechanical Watch Testing Machine

This professional quartz and mechanical watch testing station measures provides us with ability to measure the following:

● Mechanical beat rate indicator
● Quartz pulse rate indicator
● Quartz circuit tester
● Motor tester
● Electrical resistance indicator
● Measures consumption and train interruptions
● Helps identify power supply problems

Greiner Poseidon Waterproof Tester

When any watch is open for repair or battery replacement it must be properly closed and sealed. In addition, the watch should bewaterproof tested. The Poseidon provides us with ability to test the case and make sure the watch is sealed correctly and is waterproof.

Greiner ACS Watch Cleaning Machin

This state of the art machine helps us clean watch movements and internal parts of the watch. Without having this ultrasound machine we would not be able to clean the particles